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by lewishe
Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:54 am
Forum: ESP-ADF
Topic: Bluetooth wifi coexistence problem
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Bluetooth wifi coexistence problem

I added the wifi startup code to the play_bt_music_example in the original adf, but I didn't operate the wifi. When I connected the Bluetooth to start playing, after waiting for 5 seconds, the cpu was reset by wdt, when I removed the wifi-related function. Everything is normal, here is the error mes...
by lewishe
Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:19 am
Forum: ESP-ADF
Topic: 在ADF 工程中使用fopen函数
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Re: 在ADF 工程中使用fopen函数

是否有使用DETECT 功能? 根据log你这个是挂载失败,请检查初始化代码,及硬件电路

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