ESP RainMaker Released

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ESP RainMaker Released

Postby ESP_Piyush » Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:27 am

Today, Espressif announced the release of ESP RainMaker. This is yet another step forward in Espressif's strategic plan to help makers quickly build connected devices, and access them through phone apps, third-party services or voice assistants, without having to manage the infrastructure involved in this process.

The ESP RainMaker provides:
  • Device Agent SDK: this allows you to perform network provisioning, OTA updates, and facilitates communication with the cloud. The device SDK also lets you configure and expose attributes of the device firmware that can be read or modified.
  • Transparent Cloud Middleware: this makes the device’s exposed attributes accessible to the user’s phone applications or to other third-party services, like voice-assistants. The cloud middleware is powered by Amazon’s AWS services.
  • Self-adapting iOS/Android phone apps: these apps let you configure and manage the connected device, and display the device’s attributes in an intuitive manner.
  • Python-bindings: these can be used for host utilities that can automate communication with the connected device.
Support for ESP RainMaker is currently enabled for all recently launched ESP32-S2 SoCs. If you already have an ESP32-S2-based development board with you, you can start using ESP RainMaker here.

The complete PR can be found here.

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