Alexa on ESP32 !

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Alexa on ESP32 !

Postby ESP_Amit » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:16 pm

The Espressif’s Alexa SDK v1.0b1 is now available on GitHub here:
This is a low-footprint C-based SDK that includes support for all of the following features:
    Conversations: (Calendar, Shopping, News, Todo, Info, Movies, Sports)
      Music/Audio Services: Amazon Prime Music, Audible, Kindle, TuneIn and iHeartRadio
        Alerts: Alarms, Timers, Reminders and Notifications

        Supported Hardware
        By default, the SDK supports ESP32-LyraT development boards.
        The SDK is so structured that it should be easily possible to support other hardware configurations.

        Getting Started
        Instructions for building, flashing and using the firmware are available here: ... yrat_alexa

        Hands-Free Mode/Wake-Word Engine
        The SDK also supports hands-free mode of operation. The example lyrat_alexa_sr/ is provided that demonstrates the use in a hands-free mode (activity triggered based on saying ‘Alexa’ instead of pushing a button).

        Phone Apps
        The SDK release also includes a phone app for Android for performing (a) network configuration of the development board and (b) Authentication with Amazon. The source code for this app is also available here: ... rsions/avs. It can be easily modified to add your Alexa project’s ID and credentials. It can also be easily customized to the branding and look-and-feel of your products.

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