Problem With Eclipse (Need more info about setting a project)

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Problem With Eclipse (Need more info about setting a project)

Postby mozufferey » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:08 pm


I'm quite new in the real of Eclipse and Unix. I've been using Keil IDE on the past, but now I'm struggling to set the Eclipse.

Actually I bought two demo boards:
- The ESP32-EVB (Rev.B)

The working station is:
- A PC (64 bits) with Windows 10 on it.

The software I've install on is:
- msys32 (
- java (jdk-8u131-windows-x64)
- Eclipse (4.7.0
- ESP-IDF (V2.1)
- Some Drivers (e.g. CP210x_Windows_Drivers)

Success with MSYS32:
- I have been able to run Blinky and Hello World on the ESP32-evb (Rev.B) .
- I can "make configmenu", "make" and "make flash".

Success with eclipse:
- Using the Console (GIT - bash) i was able to do almost the same as with the MSYS32.
- The only problem is that "PATH" is different between MSYS32 and GIT-bash. After setting manually the Path in the GIT-bash, I can make menuconfig, make, make flash.
- I can use the "serial Terminal" to see the "Hello world".

Problem with Eclipse:
I'm not able to set the "toolchain" to have the project build. (Unfortunately Kolban's book use older eclipse and some Instruction should be Extrapolated.
Eclipse is not able to compile the components

Here are what I learned up to now:
- C:\msys32\mingw32\bin (here is the python.exe command)
- C:\msys32\opt\xtensa-esp32-elf\bin (emplacement for the xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc.exe)
- C:\msys32\usr\bin (emplacement of the make.exe)
- C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\esp-idf (the actual IDF with \components \examples \make \tools )
- C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\hello_world (the project copied from example with the files :
"Makefile", "main\hello_wolrd_main.c" and "" )
Using MSYS32 or GIT-bash it create:
- C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\hello_world\build\
In \build\ I found all the components structures (folder and subfolder) with a the following files (xxx.o, xxx.d libxxx.a )

It seems that the make is using the following cascad of commands :

- C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\hello_world\Makefile -
-> C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\esp-idf\make\
-> C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\esp-idf\make\ ->
-> ( C:\msys32\home\myself\esp\esp-idf\make\

Appararently is empty and require a new variable $(COMPONENT_PATH)/

I will investigate later if this is the source of my problem

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Re: Problem With Eclipse (Need more info about setting a project)

Postby mozufferey » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:28 am

In the mean time I have made significant progress and I kann use eclipse to compile and debug.

----------------------------- Wrong understanding -----------------------------------------

- I completely misunderstood what "Target" is for. As previously said I have different boards:
A) ESP-EVB wich is conncted to ttyS2 (USB->com3)
B) ESP_WROVER_KIT (V3) which is connected to ttyS3 (USB->com4)
C) ESP32_Core_board_V2 (RS232 unknown yet)

For me this was clearly three different targets and I was willing to define "target" in eclipse to switch between the different boards.

----------------------------- Hardware setting -----------------------------------------

The main problem with the Hardware setting was with the board ESP_WROVER_kit V3. This board needs some jumpers which are not originally delivered.

A) Jumper for RS232 (JP13)
B) Jumper fo Jtag debug (JP8)
No jumper on
(JP14) CTS
(JP14) RTS

----------------------------- Software setting -----------------------------------------

The actual path I use (use the command printenv) is


I also made some change if the file:


line 24 >> MSYS2_PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/mingw32/bin:/usr/lib/git-core:/bin"

They might be other setting but those are working for me.

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Re: Problem With Eclipse (Need more info about setting a project)

Postby ESP_Sprite » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:53 am

Moving this to the SDK forum: this is not a hardware question.

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