Recognizing ESP32 WROOM High Temperature (M113DH3200PS3Q0) modules

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Recognizing ESP32 WROOM High Temperature (M113DH3200PS3Q0) modules

Postby brainsucker » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:24 pm


Is there an easy way to distinguish High Temperature (105°C) ESP32 WROOM modules from common (85°C) modules, is there any additional marking?
For example these M113DH3200PS3Q0 modules (mouser # 356-ESPWROOM3200PS3), how can I check if I got the proper modules soldered to my boards (if I'm ordering a PCB assembly)?

PCN-03-2019070102 mentions introduction of additonal 6-bit labeling on modules shielding case, with 0S reserved for 105°C modules, however that'll only work for modules produced from July 15 2019.

Is there any other reliable way to discreet High Temperature modules from the earlier batches (produced before July 2019)?


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