How do the peripherals impact power consumption?

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How do the peripherals impact power consumption?

Postby andyn_ff » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:34 pm


I'm trying to understand what power consumption to expect from the ESP32. I can see the numbers in Table 6 in the datasheet (within section 3.7), which gives a range of 30 to 68 mA for dual core 240MHz, without RF. What I would like to know is what the state of the peripherals is within this power consumption range? If I have peripherals running for SPI, timers, ADC, UART, will this increase the power consumption beyond 68mA?

I have seen in my experience of STM32 devices that the peripherals make a significant difference to the power consumption, so the 68mA looks quite low to me if it is including peripherals - that is why I ask. See comparable numbers for STM32F745 in section 5.3.7 here: ... f745ve.pdf

My ideal documentation would be if I can find a table of how much power each peripheral takes when turned on, so that I can calculate expected power consumption for my application. However, a maximum figure with all peripherals turned on would be good enough.

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Re: How do the peripherals impact power consumption?

Postby shabtronic » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:43 pm

It's far far easier and simpler to buy a USB current/voltage meter (ebay £3.99!) and measure real world consumption - than calculate from docs/specs.

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