Which FTDI and jumper wire to buy

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Which FTDI and jumper wire to buy

Postby julianorodrigues0316 » Sun May 31, 2020 1:33 pm

Hello people...

I went to buy an FTDI, for ESP32cam, in MercadoLivre, but with shipping it is very expensive !!
I looked in China and it is much cheaper, very much. But in the description it doesn't say that you can use it on ESP32, but only on the Arduino mini port, I asked the seller a question, but he answered something meaningless.

So my question is, in the ad it says ...
Ft232rl ftdi usb 3.3v 5.5v to ttl serial adapter module for arduino mini port

this ftdi, is for ESP32cam ??

And one more thing, how do I buy jumper wire, any one will do, too ??

Thank you.

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Re: Which FTDI and jumper wire to buy

Postby Beowulff » Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:37 pm

No reason this shouldn’t work.
As for jumper wire - any small insulated wire will do. I bought a package of various multi-color jumpers with M-M, F-F, and M-F pins. Very handy.

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