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HydraBus Shield / Breakout board for ESP-WROOM-32 new version 1.1(rev1.0)

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:11 pm
by hydrabus
This shield can be used with or without HydraBus board, you can even cut HydraBus specific right side (on the line) to have a tiny ESP-WROOM-32 breakout board.

Image Image

New features versus previous version V1.0 Rev1.1:
  • Added LDO (TPS73633DBVR SOT23-5) to convert 5V(VUSB) to a clean VCC (+3.3v) for ESP32 and which can be enabled by an HydraBus Pin or with a JUMPER on J7 (which connect +3.3V from HydraBus to EN of the LDO)
  • Added VCC connector in order to measure ESP32 current/power consumption (if not used to measure current just add a JUMPER on VCC to power the ESP32)
  • Added J6 connector to have access to ESP32 SPI FLASH IOs (now all pins are available)
This shield can be used only on bottom of HydraBus board (in order to use other shields on top of HydraBus)

The HydraBus board is a small (60mm x 37mm) and low cost, multi-tool extensible board with STM32F405 Cortex M4F 32bits MCU @168MHz with a fully open source firmware hydrafw and full online documentation hydrafw wiki

The ESP32 is a low-power 32-bit 240 MHz dual core MCU Wi-Fi+BLE combo module that highly integrates TCP/IP network stacks, 12-bit ADC and HSPI/SDIO/UART/PWM/I2C/I2S interfaces. See Espressif ESP32 Overview

Design based on official esp_wroom_32_datasheet_en.pdf (August 8, 2016)

OSH Park Link:

Re: HydraBus Shield / Breakout board for ESP-WROOM-32 new version 1.1(rev1.0)

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:42 pm
by hydrabus
HydraESP32 HydraBus v1.0 Shield for ESP-WROOM-32 V1.1 Rev1.0 is alive
This new version allow to measure ESP32 power consumption (and/or manage power ON/OFF of ESP32 with any MCU…)
This version can be fully managed using HydraBus STM32 MCU
For more details see ... -is-alive/
If some developers are interested by some boards contact me