ESP32 PPP disconnection re-connection issue

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Re: ESP32 PPP disconnection re-connection issue

Postby el_kadenaz » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:51 pm

Hi David,
seems that I've found the issue:
I was calling the esp_netif_new and esp_modem_netif_setup

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   esp_netif_config_t cfg = ESP_NETIF_DEFAULT_PPP();
   esp_netif = esp_netif_new(&cfg);
   modem_netif_adapter = esp_modem_netif_setup(dte);
   esp_modem_netif_set_default_handlers(modem_netif_adapter, esp_netif);
Into the esp_modem_setup_ppp() each time I starting a reconnection and the

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   esp_event_handler_unregister(IP_EVENT, ESP_EVENT_ANY_ID, &on_ip_event);
at the disconnection.
Moving the first at the device init calling it only once and never calling the destroy functions the device seems to work properly. Actually I'm at the 7th disconnectio/reconnection without issue.

Thanks for the support

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