[SOLVED] Google WiFi Compatibility

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[SOLVED] Google WiFi Compatibility

Postby chrismerck » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:15 pm

Is there a known issue with ESP32 and Google WiFi compatibility? We are getting reports from the field, and are closing in on a reproduction of the issue.

Using IDF v3.1.2 at this time.

(Will update with more details in ~48 hours.)
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Re: Google WiFi Compatibility

Postby chrismerck » Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:31 pm

The problem persists. Not all Google Wifi users are effected, but now the issue has occurred at our offices so I was able to get a packet capture. We have 2x Google Wifi units on software version 11895.108.11. Now using ESP-IDF v3.2.

The one thing that looks NOT RIGHT to me is, the ESP32 initial tries to communicate with a different Google MAC than the 2x MACs that I see on the successful connections. GFB rather than GF5/G80. Not sure if that is relevant.

I'd appreciate any insight as to whether others have experienced compatibility issues with Google Wifi!

Next I intend to try upgrading to ESP-IDF v3.3.


Here's a ZIP with 3 different packet captures and ESP32 serial logs:

https://bond-updates.s3.amazonaws.com/m ... 2_pcap.zip

The captures are labeled:

- fail = we did not establish a connection at all
- stumble = we did eventually get connected, but it took a while / unstable
- stumble2 = similar to above

Here's a summary of what happens in the "stumble2" capture, where it takes ~12 seconds to get connected rather than the nearly instant connection that we experience with ESP32 in other networks:

Code: Select all

Shorthands for devices:

ESP32 = 3c:6a:2c:10:00:94
GF5 = Google_61:56:f5
G80 = Google_61:27:80
GFB = Google_61:56:fb

Summary of "Stumble2" capture:

Time 0.0s:  ESP32 sends 3x Prob Requests for "Googletest" SSID, at 120 ms interval

Time 5.5s:   GF5 starts sending QoS Data, and G80 starts sending Request-to-send to ESP32. But no response from ESP32.

Time 5.6s:  Now GF5 stops sending. G80 now sending 802.11 Block Ack Req. Continues until 6.1s.

Time 12.6s:  ESP32 sends Dissociate to GFB (!), with 10 re-transmissions within ~4ms.

Then, in rapid succession (<100ms total):
ESP32 sends Authentication to G80.
G80 sends Acknowledgement (?) and then Authentication to ESP32.
BOND sends Association Request to G80.
G80 sends Acknowledgement (?) and then Association Response to ESP32.
A key exchange procedes.
It appears we are now connected.

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Re: Google WiFi Compatibility

Postby chrismerck » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:47 pm

Good news! IDF v3.3-rc *seems* to fix the issue. It is hard to tell, as this is an intermittent issue, but my trials so far are very promising.

Thank you Espressif for the incredible work in maintaining ESP-IDF. It's mindblowing how well you support this platform...

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