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Re: ESP IDF: Station + soft-AP (WIFI_MODE_APSTA) There is no working example - why? Where is?

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 6:51 pm
by ryanf55
In follow up to my previous post, adding in a few time delays between tearing down AP and starting STA helped. Also, I turned off nvs_flash for WiFi as I think that was causing the corruption when starting in STA mode.

Here's my menuconfig changes.

[OFF ] Wi-Fi -> WiFi NVS flash
[OFF] Phy ->Store phy calibration data in NVS

I was seeing brownouts earlier in the transition and increased
[2.7v] * ESP32-specific -> Brownout Voltage Level

For debugging
[On] WiFi -> Enable Wifi debug Log
[Verbose] WiFi -> WiFi debug log level

If anyone has seen similar issues when trying to use both WiFi modes, please share if you had any better resolutions.