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How To use ESP-IDF on ESP32-S2 Beta chip

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:11 am
by ESP_Angus
Espressif is distributing a small number of ESP32-S2 Beta-DevKitC V1.1 to customers and community members. This gives people a chance to begin exploring the features of the forthcoming ESP32-S2.

Read the ESP32-S2 announcement

esp32-s2-beta-front.png (449.78 KiB) Viewed 10401 times
The ESP32-S2 Beta chip is not the same as the final ESP32-S2, the Beta chip is an engineering sample and as a result not all features are available. Software support is still being developed ahead of the final ESP32-S2 release (see the "Limitations" section below).

EDIT 31 Oct: Preview support for ESP32-S2 Beta is now in the ESP-IDF master branch. For more information, see this page in the ESP-IDF Programmers Guide: ... 2beta.html


If you find issues which are not mentioned in the preview documentation linked above, please open an issue on GitHub.

Please make sure to mention that you are using the ESP32-S2 Beta chip.

Re: How To use ESP-IDF on ESP32-S2 Beta chip

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:06 am
by ESP_Angus
First post has been updated as we've merged preview ESP32-S2 Beta support to ESP-IDF master branch.

Preview ESP32-S2 Beta support will be part of the ESP-IDF V4.1 release, and will be replaced with ESP32-S2 support in the ESP-IDF V4.2 release.

The "feature/esp32s2beta" branch that was originally mentioned here is now out of date and will be removed soon. The method used to build a project for S2 has changed slightly, see the docs link above for details.