Two ESP32 Bluetooth Comms with UART..Help

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Two ESP32 Bluetooth Comms with UART..Help

Postby kmmaran » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:53 pm

To all Experts.

I have two ESP32 boards and connected to two different computers each, what I like to do is use UART to send data using Bluetooth and received by Bluetooth and to UART on the other end.

I can see there is example using SPP Client/Server, and there is another SPP Accessor/Initiator. I have tried using Accessor/Initiator for initial starting point. But I don't see any data transfer in putty. Do I need to do anything additional to make it work?

For SPP Client/Server, I am getting below from Putty, for Server and Client. And no data transmission. Is there anything I have done wrong here with the setup?. Guide to troubleshoot will be helpful.

I (635) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: gatts_profile_event_handler 496
I (645) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: EVT 22, gatts if 3
I (645) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: event = 16
I (645) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: The number handle =b
E (655) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: GAP_EVT, event 4
I (655) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: EVT 12, gatts if 3
I (665) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: event = c
E (665) GATTS_SPP_DEMO: GAP_EVT, event 6
I (675) uart: queue free spaces: 10

I (282) phy: phy_version: 4008, c9ae59f, Jan 25 2019, 16:54:06, 0, 0
I (512) GATTC_SPP_DEMO: app_main init bluetooth

I (622) GATTC_SPP_DEMO: register callback
I (632) GATTC_SPP_DEMO: EVT 0, gattc if 3
I (632) GATTC_SPP_DEMO: REG EVT, set scan params
I (632) GATTC_SPP_DEMO: Enable Ble Scan:during time 0xFFFF minutes.
I (642) GATTC_SPP_DEMO: Scan start successed
I (642) uart: queue free spaces: 10

Thank you.

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