RFC7668 - 6LoWPAN over BLE - BT stack

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RFC7668 - 6LoWPAN over BLE - BT stack

Postby beni0664 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:34 pm

Dear all,

first of all, thanks for the new ESP32 :-)

My question relates to the Bluedroid stack provided in the IDF:

I've already implemented the HCI advertising for providing IPSP profile, but currently I need a little bit of help regarding the structure of the Bluetooth stack initialisation.

Current procedure:

<Sending all necessary commands to the HCI for advertising>

Now I need to init the L2CAP for callbacks & initialisation.

How should I proceed?

If I call L2CA_Register, nothing happens. If I try to request a connection (L2CA_ConnectReq), I get:

Code: Select all

BT: L2CAP connect req - BTU not ready
In addition, if I try to call BTM_DeviceReset (the only method I found to do something like init/reset), I get a "loadProhibited" exception:

Code: Select all

 BT: bt host error /home/beni/sync/Projects/FH/esp/esp-idf/components/bt/bluedroid/osi/fixed_queue.c
Could you help me a little bit?
I will provide the implementation of course either as example or a PR on GitHub.


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