Cannot use debugger when 2 Esp-Wrover-Kit attached to PC

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Cannot use debugger when 2 Esp-Wrover-Kit attached to PC

Postby garagegadget » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:20 am


I recently purchased 2 ESP-Wrover-Kit to facilitate debugging 2 sessions simultaneously using VisualGdb on Windows 10.
The OpenOCD debugger works fine when 1 board is attached at a time.
However,unfortunately this fails to work when 2 boards are simultaneously attached to the PC.

I contacted the Sysprogs who in turn suggested I contact Esprissif.

The reply from Sysprogs:-

"Unfortunately the ESP32-WROVER board does not properly report a unique serial number ("libusb_get_string_descriptor_ascii() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM" message) and hence OpenOCD cannot select a specific instance of the board by its serial number. Please consider reporting this problem to Espressif and if they provide a fix to OpenOCD that will allow selecting a specific instance of WROVER based on its serial number."


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