ESP32 locks UART1

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ESP32 locks UART1

Postby JorgeSayMe » Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:49 pm

Good Afternoon,
I am doing an application for ESP32 (32D).

In order to avoid high power compsuptions I am using 2 functions with RTC I/O's.
For example, with GPIO 0:

As I told before, I am using this 2 functions with all RTC I/O's.

The power compsuption is incredibly low, but the problem is that I
use GPIO's 32 and 33 as UART and when my ESP32 comes back from Deep Sleep
the UART TX doesn´t work unless I comment the lines for isolating GPIO's 32 and 33
(I don´t see no message sniffing with a Serial USB after Deep Sleep).

Could you help me to de-isolate the GPIOS before it awakens from Deep Sleep?
I configure the GPIO's each time that the app is started/re-started but it doesn´t work.

Thanks in Advance, best regards.


[20/02/2020 EDIT]: Resolved Via this Post:

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