Ble Mesh Pub/Sub Example

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Ble Mesh Pub/Sub Example

Postby juanchu98 » Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:44 pm

Hello everyone!
I have been testing ESP-BLE-MESH and, so far, i am doing good besides the complexity of the technology. I have tested all the examples on github and i still have lots of doubts. I want to create a bluetooth mesh based on sensor model clients and servers via publication/subscription process (NOT get, set messages).

I have modified the "sensor client" example of github to stop provisioning from code, to start provisioning with an APP of my phone. In particular, nRF Mesh. This APP lets me set some publish/subscribe parameters such as period or addresses via GUI.

What i do is to set the paremeters and, right after doing so, i get the following error in the serial monitor of both (client and server models):

Code: Select all

W (289861) BLE_MESH: No matching TX context for ack
E (292851) BLE_MESH: sdu_recv, Too short SDU + MIC
E (296321) BLE_MESH: sdu_recv, Too short SDU + MIC
I have already had this problem when using the led example and, looks like to start publishing messages they need a first SET Message to realize what is the actual state of the element. Is this right? There's no default state to start publishing?

If they need a first SET message as i said, then, if i really want to create my mesh, i need a client and server sensor model in each node in order to autoset some parameters and then start publishing some values.

May i get some help? Does anybody have an example using just Pub/Sub messages to interact with the mesh? Why am i getting this errors?

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Ble Mesh Pub/Sub Example

Postby fkremer » Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:57 pm

Hello everyone, hello Juanchu98,

I'm on the same situation like Juanchu98.
Can someone explain the initial steps or provide an example for pub/sub in ble mesh?

Thank you in advance

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