Peripherals not being installed in driver folder

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Peripherals not being installed in driver folder

Postby orbitcoms » Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:31 pm

I had ESP-IDF version 4 installed and noted the driver for twai was not in the driver folder but only the can.h file.

So, I installed version 4.1 (when I list version it states 4.1-dirty, whatever "dirty" means). The driver folder still only has can.h and not that later twai.h

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Re: Peripherals not being installed in driver folder

Postby PeterR » Thu Oct 22, 2020 11:30 pm

twai was a name change (as I understand it) because CAN is a trademar
4.1 is CAN, not twai. Think twai is bleeding edge 4.3?
Regardless; by any other name a TWAI/CAN driver would smell so .... please check that your TWAI/CAN named driver address the ESP32 silicon errata issues and/or overflow issues. Hard to check that isn't it? & IJDK.
I don't think that the TWAI name change version address the overflow/errata but the (seem solid) patches you will find in my posts do but won't apply to TWAI - you have name changes preventing you applying.
ESP really should make version driver complience/attainment more transparent & especially after a driver fails on something like overflow (not that I am bitter).
Perhaps ESP should adopt a red/amber/green driver/feature version release approach & place CAN/TWAI on red until fixed. My post patches seem ok but I do not think embodied in ESP branches & impossibly to apply after TWAI name changes. Stay 4.1 IMHO.

Re: 'dirty' - it means that Git thinks that you have local changes. This can happen for a number of reasons, not least that you applied a patch but also meta folder changes. If you did not patch/modify IDF then:

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git reset --hard
usually does it.
& I also believe that IDF CAN should be fixed.

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