scanning for access points in ap mode| esp32

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scanning for access points in ap mode| esp32

Postby hallo9 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 1:38 pm

Hi, I m new to this and not quite familiar with the esp32 and idf

is the following scenario possible?
- Starting in ap mode
- User press button in webpage
- Esp32 scans the area while user get a wait animation until scan finished
- The user gets redirected to see the scanned access points

I already finished the code for that in sta mode and everything is working fine.
In ap mode I get to the scan finish step, but i cant get back to ap mode.

How to hold the connection?
I m using esp32 and esp-idf v4.0.1
I m not using the apsta mode
I m using ap mode and when user press the button i override the drivers for the scan (i used modified code snippets from kolban)

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