esp_netif_destroy is not working

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esp_netif_destroy is not working

Postby Zeni241 » Fri Nov 27, 2020 7:07 am

If a user didn't sent correct SSID and PW in first attempt, he resends the credentials and "wifi_init_sta(void)" is executed again.
But the second time core panics, most probably the first instance of "esp_netif" is not destroyed.
I know "esp_netif_init()" should be fired only once and if firing second time, it should be destroyed first. But question is how to destroy :?: :?:

Bellow is my code which is not working :roll: :roll: :

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esp_netif_t *my_esp_netif;
   my_esp_netif= esp_netif_init();
   ESP_ERROR_CHECK(esp_event_loop_create_default()); //     This is the line at which core panics.
    wifi_init_config_t cfg = WIFI_INIT_CONFIG_DEFAULT();

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