Input output pins and macros of ports definitions

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Input output pins and macros of ports definitions

Postby wind_energy » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:25 am

Hi everyone,
I'm the begginer of the ESP modules. At the moment I'm trying connect the LCD widescreen in to the ESP32.
I wonder if there is any possibility to use Port defined as a 8 bit called for example PORTA. In that way I need make a nessesary parallel comunication port beetween ESP and LCD. I aproppriate for any advice.
My envivorment is eclipse and C langugage.

Kindly please also for any examples of C code to make a Control of the digital IO pins including nessesary library. The macros I have been testing always generate the errors as soon as I compiling it in eclipse. That works in arduino but does't in eclipse.
Many thanks.
Best regards

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