RTP pager and receiver for Scream virtual sound card

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RTP pager and receiver for Scream virtual sound card

Postby tomeko » Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:11 am

Two simple applications receiving audio over WiFi: http://tomeko.net/projects/esp32_rtp_pager/.
RTP pager accepts unicast/multicast stream encoded with G.722 or G.711a/u and should be compatible with most VoIP phones with "BLF" keys.

Receiver for https://github.com/duncanthrax/scream accepts unicast/multicast L16/44100/stereo stream from virtual sound card running on Windows.

Both applications are using external I2S codec (PCM5102).

Issues: packet loss (less visible with RTP, perhaps because of lower packet rate), varying depending on access point / channel / transmission mode (unicast might be more reliable than multicast). Jitter buffers are configured as quite long, so at least short messages should be received without buffer underruns.

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