Interfacing with Blockchain Smart Contracts

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Interfacing with Blockchain Smart Contracts

Postby Bernardo » Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:30 am

Hi everyone!

I implemented an arduino-esp32 library to communicate with the Aergo Blockchains

The main difference of Aergo is that it is focused on data storage and the private blockchains have support for relational data and SQL (common blockchains only support key-value)

Although the public blockchain (mainnet) does not support SQL yet (Jun 2020)

The repo is here:

There are examples of reading data from sensors and sending them to be stored on the blockchain via Smart Contracts. Don't worry, it is easy as any Hello World! The Smart Contracts can be written in Lua.

As well as example of reading data from Smart Contracts and then activating actuators, that can be valves, pumps, doors, relays, motors, servos, etc.

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