ESP32 RMT receive app, using multiple RMT channels

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ESP32 RMT receive app, using multiple RMT channels

Postby keckert » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:38 am

ESP32 RMT application, displaying raw RMT durations from multiple receive channels. Duration data from all enabled channels are simply displayed on the monitor. This requires that the ESP32 be connected to the host computer with a USB cable. No IR protocol decode is implemented.

The source compiles with ESP-IDF and can be found at

The format of the displayed RMT durations is compatible with the ESP32-RMT-server application, found at

Why multiple channels? Most of my remotes use the standard 38KHz IR carrier frequency. One uses 56 KHz (*%#^!). I connected a 38KHz IR receiver to one GPIO and a 56KHz receiver to another GPIO. My IR sniffer now can receive and display raw codes from either frequency.

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