BLE c++/arduino library enhancements

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BLE c++/arduino library enhancements

Postby chegewara » Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:16 pm

For those who is working with Kolban's BLE library (esp-idf or arduino-ide) i have some news. I almost finished few nice features, like:
- multiple connections from esp32 server(peripheral) to many clients,
- multiple connections from esp32 client (central) to many peripherals,
- extract BLEAdvertising from BLEServer to allow to create Becaons for example without instantiating server class (it should decrease binary size),
- add requesting services from server with nvs cache (esp-idf only as for now), this can decrease radio usage and battery drains,
- some bugfixes and few more minor upgrades.
- in addition there is example wifi + ble scanner that is infinity scan for ble devices and is displaying total number of found devices on website server by the same esp32 with http server,
Because all those changes require some time for testing it wont be merged to main repository for some time, but will be available from my repository.

All who want to try my changes I want to apology for mess in code, especially examples, but this is still WIP and i am testing a lot things with few examples (bad idea).

I prepared 2 similar tests with my boars(unlucky i have only 5 esp32 boards i can use).
Test 1:
- 1x esp32 central/client role that is sending message to every connected peripheral device (write to its characteristic),
- 4x esp32 peripheral/server role, when receive wite request is re-sending the same message to every connected to it client device,
- 1 or 2 android smartphones working as a client device connected to peripheral and receiving notifications, but also can read from or write to characteristic, works great as monitor device

Test 2 is very similar with one small difference:
- 2x esp32 in central role,
- 3x esp32 in peripheral role.

I hope i can prepare maxed possible set very soon, 8x peripherals + 8x central. ... nnect_test

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Re: BLE c++/arduino library enhancements

Postby hetlelid » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:56 pm

Awesome! I really appreciate Kolban, your and the others contribution to the ESP community :)

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