ESP32 wifi connected AC power load management system

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ESP32 wifi connected AC power load management system

Postby cmorgan » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:05 am


I just launched a product using the esp32 as the controller in an AC load management system. You can take a look at it at

I'm using it to divert solar energy to our electric hot water heater if we are net generating. It can be used to control any resistive AC load from 100-250V or so, up to 5500W (23A).

The esp32 made it possible for the system to be configured via a wifi AP and controlled through the local wifi network. Configuration is performed through a built-in web server, I'm using libesphttpd. The control mechanism is via json using a range of web api endpoints. The esp32 also controls and monitors the active cooling system via a fan, controls the SSR and measures temperatures of the pcbs and ssr. Software update with fallback is supported through the built-in software update functionality in esp-idf and the nvs is used for persistent data.

I'd love to hear what people think and if its something that you might find useful or if you have any questions!

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