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BLE data sending without power on reset on server and client

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:37 pm
by Embel.Tech
Hello Forum,
I have a algorithum for my application which is based on BLE and WIFI.
On server :
>Initialy i am reading data from 3 sensor which takes 60 sec.
>Now i want to enable BLE
>It sends data to client(In JSON format).
Here these things repeates contineously.

Now on Client :

>Client wait for connection
>when detects sever then connect to it and receives data from it(In JSON format).
>Now turning off BLE
>Turn on WIFI
>Trying to connect AWS cloud
>connected to cloud and uploads the data received from serer.

Here repeatation of procedure sholud be done.
How would i achive these things?

I have another post on this forum related to my code
link given below::