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Web server displaying frames from OV7670 + FIFO camera module

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:09 am
by pataga
esp32-idf project code at

This uses modified pieces of code that I picked up from browsing this forum and elsewhere (check out the file on the github page). But good to have in one project a working example that has these features :
1. sets up as station or access point if unable to connect to existing network
2. uses SPIFFS file system to serve a javascript web page that is executed in your browser
3. http server

Am still not able to get a working camera interface with the ESP32 clock higher than 80MHz, despite slowing down the i2c clock and the FIFO read clock. Maybe it's a wiring issue.

Also am not able to set up the OV7670 for VGA capture. I currently have QVGA (320x240) YUV and RGB565 image capture working. Maybe this has something to do with the specific camera module I am using. It is set up for a negative VSYNC and has a 12MHz pixel clock. If anyone has a working register setup for OV7670 VGA capture with a 12MHz pixel clock, would appreciate it.

Feedback welcome.