TFT driver for Wrover

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TFT driver for Wrover

Postby peterglen » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:38 am

This is an example project for the WROVER TFT board.

It will display the WiFi stations that are currently nearby.

The example contains the display driver, the WiFi scanning code, and a timer loop for continuous scanning. Lots of goodies also included:

GUI primitives, fonts, basic shapes, (rect / line .. etc)
Fonts for different sizes ** small, ** medium, ** large .. double large
Font generator. (compiles on linux)
WiFi initializer / scanner

The TFT library is custom made with double buffering. It performs really fast compared to the single buffered version. Screen refresh happens flicker free.

See code for driving the TFT. Notice, the display code talks to two half(s) of the display sequentially.

See code at:

Peter Glen

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