ESP32-S2 USB HID Arduino Unrecognized

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ESP32-S2 USB HID Arduino Unrecognized

Postby nogglebandit » Tue Oct 13, 2020 3:00 pm

Hello ESP32 Friends

I am trying to get a project going using the ESP32-S2 Saola dev kit. I need to connect an ILI9488 TFT Display, and the USB OTG for HID support to emulate a keyboard.

I am able to get TinyUSB working with ESP-IDF, but when I use the esp32s2 esp32-arduino branch in my Arduino IDE, I am unable to get the device recognized by windows.

Does anyone have a working example of USB in Arduino IDE? Or does anyone know how I could update the Arduino ESP32 on my local to have the latest changes from ESP-IDF? Or is it I need to make changes to an sdkconfig somewhere? I'm a bit lost lol

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Re: ESP32-S2 USB HID Arduino Unrecognized

Postby chegewara » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:41 am

it depends what arduino USB library you are using.
For example here is my library and HID simplest example: ... id/hid.ino

It is generic IN/OUT hid, but you can change this line to make it keyboard: ... sb.cpp#L17

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