128kSPS fast ADC data logging and processing

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128kSPS fast ADC data logging and processing

Postby hgptamn » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:49 pm

Hi all,

I recently got a task to do using the AD7767 128 kSPS 24-bit ADC. The task states that I need to plot the output of the ADC on a time scale. (the ADC is hooked up to a load cell).

I've worked with slower ADCs in the past (@4.8kSPS) and what I used to do then is print the values along with millis() to serial console and use Processing IDE to capture the data and save it to a CSV file. By doing so I was then able to copy the data from CSV straight into Matlab and plot the graph. The problem with AD7767 is that it is much faster than any previous ADC I've used and the above method will not work due to the increased sampling speed.

I've managed to get the AD7767 ADC working using an external oscillator and some other components. The problem that I face is that the ADC is way to fast for the serial console monitor (even after setting the baud rate up to 2000000). I'm able to see some values, but not all of them.
128kSPS = 3,0720,00 bps which is much faster than 2,000,000 bps (maximum speed for Serial Monitor).

I was thinking about logging the data to an external memory (flash, EEPROM etc) and read it afterwards. Do you have any idea if that would work?

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Re: 128kSPS fast ADC data logging and processing

Postby tele_player » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:21 pm

Is this a school assignment?

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