AT version: AT+MQTTCONN?

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AT version: AT+MQTTCONN?

Postby nikita » Fri Jul 03, 2020 5:33 pm

AU !!! HERE present represented Espressif?
Moreover, there is NO DOCUMENTATION on * .bin !!!
Apparently Espressif spit on consumers (
Found here: ... 6-i-esp32/
I requested AT version: (e44648c - Nov 4 2019 02:18:57) .. SDK version: v3.3..compile time (7cac7ad): Nov 4 2019 06:11:40..Bin version: 2.0. 0 (WROOM-32)
and it turns out:
ERR CODE: 0x01090000
Does this firmware have no MQTT support? How so?
Very disappointed in Espressif!
If you continue to ignore you will have to switch to WizFi360! :evil:

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