move to esp32 from stm32

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move to esp32 from stm32

Postby pipehappy » Fri Jan 22, 2021 5:45 am

New to esp32 and wonder how to setup the dev environment.

Now for stm32, I can compile by,
arm-none-eabi-gcc -Wall -Wextra -g3 -O0 -MD -mcpu=cortex-m3 -mthumb -DSTM32F1 -Ilibopencm3/include -c -o pill_blink.o pill_blink.c
arm-none-eabi-gcc -mcpu=cortex-m3 -mthumb -nostartfiles -Llibopencm3/lib -Llibopencm3/lib/stm32/f1 -Wl,-T,bluepill.ld -o pill_blink.elf pill_blink.o -lopencm3_stm32f1 -lc -lnosys

get openocd running by,
openocd -f /usr/share/openocd/scripts/interface/jlink.cfg -c "transport select swd" -f /usr/share/openocd/scripts/target/stm32f1x.cfg

telnet localhost 444
program pill_blink.elf verify reset

I see there is an openocd-esp32 repo, do espressif provide esp32 flavored gcc? Any suggestion and clarification are welcome!

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Re: move to esp32 from stm32

Postby OllieK » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:01 am

I have been a long time developer on STM32F1/F4/F7/H7 platforms and used several IDEs for that, Now I am learning the ESP32 development principles with ESP IDF. I did experimentation with Arduino, Platformio, Eclipse, and VS Code. For the best debugging experience, I have selected VSC as my ESP32 IDE.

Here is a summary of the steps to show how you can start the debugging with a new machine in 30 minutes, ... =10#p70518

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Re: move to esp32 from stm32

Postby ESP_Sprite » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:15 am

Also note that even if you want to keep to the command line, ESP-IDF fully supports that. However, you likely do want to keep to the existing build environment: with all the dependencies like WiFi stack, LWIP, FreeRTOS etc it would be pretty hellish to write your own Makefiles. We have a Getting Started that helps you set up the dev environment and compile an example; that should give you an idea what the 'best' way to do stuff command-line is.

In general, the script esp-idf installs can do a lot of stuff. Want a terminal that automatically decodes backtraces if your program crashes and that can re-flash your chip with the press of a button? Simply run ' monitor'. Want to debug your program using a JTAG adapter? Just run ' gdb' (given you already have the correct openocd configuration). Figure out what eats up so much of your esp32's precious RAM? 'esp-idf size-files' is your friend. Etc.

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