What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby droidifi » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:25 pm

Based on nuttx and runs on Samsung's new iot chip with open wifi driver.
Ah, sorry - though you meant a Linux kernel.

Sure - Nuttx fork (TizenRT) or Nuttx iteself...something BSD licensed, posix and small.

We have an IEEE 802.11 stack with simultaneous AP/STA/mesh running on a TI CC32xx under Nuttx. Will take a look at porting it Samsung's TizenRT. Thx for the tip.

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby stuartc » Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:37 pm

Lower power! ESP32 is already good but the sleep-mode power consumption could be lower.

Pulse counters available in the RTC domain. So we can turn off the main processors and (optionally) ULP leaving the pulse counters operating and able to wake-up the ULP/main CPU on a threshold or condition. Meter reading and data logging would then be properly feasible on this part. It would also be beneficial if the pulse counters could be used to generate output pulses of programmable lengths for pulse replication, without the intervention of the main CPUs.

My target would be 5-years life on a quad 'AA' battery performing single channel pulse counting (up to 100 Hz) and hourly 20-second wakeup to transmit readings.

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby hydrabus » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:47 pm

Something amazing for a high end high performance version of a future ESP32 v2 will be mainly
To support natively eMCP to have both Mobile DRAM(LPDDR2 or LPDDR3) + eMMC Flash directly on top of the die (to be soldered ...) like that on bottom of the die we will have x GPIO/Peripherals ... so it will be ultra compact and will have plenty of RAM + Flash all in one

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby electromania » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:13 pm

One of the few Silicons out of Silicon valley that is growing exponentially is espressif. From ESP8266 to ESP32 series, espressif has just gone farther than expectations , kudos :). Having said this, i would like to see this chip coming more into sensor technology, wearable electronics and biomedical applications. For this to achieve,i would foresee following few additional specs - apart from discussed by others:

1) Active filters - * 50/60hz notch filtering, ** Low / High pass filters (at least in the range of 0.1 to 1000 Hz)
2) Direct measurement of low currents (nanoAmp to microAmp) range.
3) Programmable gain amplifier with more flexibility (gain) than current LNA in esp32.
4) More DAC pins (...16 bit)
5) Possibility of further integration to LoRa technology.

And most important, please also release the appropriate drivers while releasing the chips, because it has been months since ESP32 was released with feature of Low noise pre-amplifier, and when digged into forums database and customer care, we hear that the drivers to use this LNA have still not been released and there is no official date when these will be released. This makes all planning of future products and system design as a day-dreaming.

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby Gfast2 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:35 pm


Just spent my whole sunday morning go through all wish-lists from others! (I'm not navtive english speaker, limited through put when reading english files. ;) )

My point of view on this topic is like many of others said: Really beautiful / Powerfull / Rock Solid / Bullet-Prooft SDK is the name of the game. I was a Arduino fan boy, I've made many projects solely based on the 8-bit Atmel atmega 328p MCU. I think why I eventually abandoned developments on their is beause Arduino won't give me more powerfull IDE I need for much complexer projects and too less chance to let me try funky stuff, but let me more relying on others Libraries to interfacing LCD display for instance.
The more I did the PCB layouting, echting, drilling, soldering, (smoking), tweaking, experimenting, the more I realize the holy grail is THE SOFTWARE. which is costless now most of the time in our industry like ESP-IDF. It's really the hard time for a company like you to make money on selling Chips to invest too much money on Software, but eventually the Software will boost the sell of hardware. (Kinda twisty here, but it's my understanderation of these business). It is even harder for many CEO from company's marketing sector to approach this point.

--- 此处省去10万字 (translation: Here is about 100k words ignored) ---

Besides the wish of others, my wish is:
- Solid support for the whole POSIX API
- More man power investing on detecting & porting protocols that has big impact on IoT application. (OPC UA is a huge player on IIoT applications (at least in Germany). But still not get supported by ESP-IDF, I believe it would be a big sell point in up-comming near future if ESP-IDF do port open-source library like open62541 for this)
- Very Topic orientated (video) small tutorials / Examples on certain problems. Like Neil Kolban, pcbrefulx do. But in some where more "officially" like the Arduino Playground do as a reference.
- If you'd to make a new chip, please not a "better ESP32", but leave where ESP32 is, and open a brand new area like a Arduino Mega: More GPIO, more UART, same performance, only the same developer skill set, but for complexer job. Period.

There are really chips on the marks that have handled nearly all the hardware need others mentioned. But what is still missing is a software enviroment in which Software Developer and Hardware Developer can dive in as quick as the Arduino IDE and with a much powerfull / user-friendly perspective for the long term. ESP-IDF is on its right way. The CEO of Espressif has to figure out way to let the team keeping on so productive and still let the company generate proper revenue.



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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby yangff » Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:20 pm

#WhereIsWifiP2P :D

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby s.allasia » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:00 pm

I'd like:

- Better debugging functionality
- Integrated USB
- Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi
- RTC with 32.768KHz crystal, all integrated inside
- 868MHz tranceiver


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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby photomankc » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:06 pm

I could use:
More GPIO.
No fixed input or output pins.
More RAM is never a bad thing.
Another core or two is always helpful.
built-in RTC with battery backup pins would be very useful.

Keep on doing:
No fixed peripheral pins - That's fantastic.
FPU onboard... that's a big help.
Speed... 240Mhz is really nice.
FreeRTOS.... Very big help in building useful things.

ETA: Please fix whatever is going on with I2C. Most things that involve sensors are going to rely heavily on it and at present the I2C system can seem to just fly off the rails at times. My only defense thus far is to ping all the devices every 250ms and pull the plug on the whole program if/when they all go missing.

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby markwj » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:05 am

Short list of top 5:
  • More GPIO (in both 3.3v and VDD_SDIO domains).
  • More internal RAM, or a way to move more to external PSRAM. A chip with 520KB RAM, bluetooth, and wifi is great; but how much of that RAM is available once Wifi and Bluetooth plus a reasonable set of functions are enabled? 20%?
  • Modules with more flash. 16MB is fine (4MB Apps with OTA1, OTA2, Factory plus some general storage).
  • USB.
  • Easy low-power modes, integrated to FreeRTOS.
I'm happy with the SDK, and debugging tools. Sure, something integrated in an IDE would be nice, but hardly essential.

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Re: What would you like to see in The Next Chip?

Postby celerity » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:09 pm

It seems 5 Ghz is committed.
Is there a date (even rought date) for a 5Ghz chip?

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