how to reset spi bus on esp32-wroom module
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how to reset spi bus on esp32-wroom module

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We are doing a project that: sampling sensor data from UART and I2C ---> display value on LCD by SPI and send data to remote by Wifi

This project using framework esp-idf on module esp32-wroom. We use a separate task to render screen, that means this task's only purpose is to call function "spi_device_transmit"(defined in "spi_master.h") in its loop

We now have a problem on SPI display, the function "spi_device_transmit" sometimes(in hours or a day) get blocked, that causes the screen stops updating.

Anyone who has ever experienced this kind of issue? Is there any way to reset SPI bus without hard-reset(let EN pin connect to GND) the module?


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