External source for ESP32

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External source for ESP32

Postby wbbenatti » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:00 pm

Hello! I'm newbie and I just bought a development board for ESP-WROOM-32. I would like to power the board with an external source instead of using the source from the USB, but I can't find the pinout for my development board. Attached is an image of my board.

1- Is there input for 5Vdc source on the pins? (the USB I know is 5V)
2- Is 3V3 pin an input for 3.3Vdc source?

Thank you.
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Re: External source for ESP32

Postby urbanze » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:15 am

3-) 3.3v pin input is chip maximum eletrical rating (Vdd)? like 2.3v - 3.6v or just 3.3v.

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Re: External source for ESP32

Postby v1nc3nt » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:27 am

Sorry this is not an answer but I have a very similar question: if some good soul can answer all of us at the same time...

I have an esp-wroom-32 that I used so far in a dev board in which you can plug/unplug it (please see attached picture)

With that dev board I can use the esp-wroom-32 to flash, boot, wi-fi connect, and do an http request work (I can check by seeing the request have an effect on my server).

My very simple question is: if I unplug the esp-wroom-32 from the board and connect GND and 3V3 pins (N°1 and 2) to ground and 3.3V dc, will the esp-wroom-32 automatically boot? Or is there something else to do to trigger the boot? Just to ensure: I have already flashed the esp32 with the dev board, so the code is in it. My goal is to rely only on a esp-wroom-32 and a power supply, and getting rid of the dev board.

Thank you!
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Re: External source for ESP32

Postby wbbenatti » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:08 pm

In the ESP-IDF Programming Guide (link below), there is the schematic of a development board that is not exactly my own, but I believe it's the same pinout. In this schematic there is the "Connector" pin identification in the lower right corner, where "EXT_5V" is shown on pin 19. In the upper left corner of "POWER SUPLY" there is an "EXT_5V" identification as well. Therefore I imagine that pin 19, which on the development board is identified as "V5", is even an external 5V power pin, just as 3V3 on the board is the external supply of 3.3Vdc.

Can anyone confirm these informations before I turn on and burst my board? :)

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