I2C with two slaves cause timeout

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I2C with two slaves cause timeout

Postby superpaulo » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:04 pm


I'm using an SSD1306 (0x3C) as screen in I2C and the Adafruit Motor Driver v2.3 (0x60) to control steppers.
Each one works fine when only one is connected on the I2C bus, but when both are connected, no one works (both get time out apparently).
I tried to enable and disable internal pull-up resistors or adding 10kOhm, then 3.3kOhm, but nothing make them to work together.
I use these libraries :
https://github.com/yanbe/ssd1306-esp-idf-i2c and https://github.com/ShellAddicted/AFMSv2ESP32
When i use an i2c scanner, the two devices are detected with good addresses, but an other device is detected at 0x70.

Do you have an idea why they don't work together and any solution please ?

Thank you,

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