Touch pin sensitivity

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Touch pin sensitivity

Postby mohan sundaram » Sun May 20, 2018 5:54 am

I'm a noob and have been working with a Lolin32 lite board (I think) for the last month. I've been trying to use the touch buttons. What I've right now is just a bare board with no pins soldered.

1. I wrote a program to read 4 touch pins every 200ms triggered by a timer. I find that once every 12-15reads, I get a low reading (below 15) indicating a touch.
2. I modified the program to indicate touch if 5 consecutive reads give low read value. The event was still triggered maybe once every 60-100 reads.
3. I then printed out the number of consecutive reads for which the value is low. I get ranging from 2 to 20.

I want to reliably register a touch. I reckoned low for a full second will be the solution. Does not work. Can folks here give me any pointers?
a) Should I reduce my read interval from 200ms to lower or higher?
b) Should I set my threshold lower than 15?
c) will actually soldering pins to the pads and attaching wires make this more robust?

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