Rec and play on LyraT-MINI

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Rec and play on LyraT-MINI

Postby skacofonix » Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:29 pm


I have been using a LyraT for a few months with ESP-ADF for my project with success.
Now i test the LyraT-minni version, but i have problem when i try to use the same code logic that for the LyraT.

I use 2 pipelines, one for the record, one for the playback.
But for now, it is impossible to enable record and playback. I don't want use both together, but one after the other, but impossible.

If i enable the record, le playback is not available.
If i enable the playback, the record is not available.

Of course i wish use both. How can i do that ?

This issue is due to the technical architecture of the LyraT-mini.
- LyraT 4.3 : ... l#overview
- LyraT-mini 1.2: ... #overview

I think i need use audio_hal_ctrl_codec only for one pipeline, playback for example, and use DAC of ESP32 for the other pipline. Like in this sample : ... ay_mp3_dac.

Has anyone ever had this problem?
Could my approach be the right one?
Thanks for your help


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