Running i2s_adc_dac example on ESP-32 LyraT

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Running i2s_adc_dac example on ESP-32 LyraT

Postby loganesp32 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:03 am


I 'm trying to run i2s_adc_dac example project, which is actually from esp-idf example under peripherals.
I ran it on ESP-32 LyraT ver 4.3 but cannot hear any sound via speaker even though the logs is saying recording , playing .
FYI, I can hear sound for other project( play_mp3) ADF example project. So speaker on the board was connected well.
In the of example(i2s_adc_dac), below hardware connection info was provided.


It seems that the Lyrat board microphone, speaker differ from above info.
Where should I change above GPIO number in i2s_adc_dac example project for testing it on Lyrat?


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