[WROOM] Use mp3 decoder on Wroom

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[WROOM] Use mp3 decoder on Wroom

Postby mathieu41 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:52 pm

Hello everyone !

I've recently acquired a Wroom.
I've successfully managed to adapt the a2dp source example from idf to play a .wav song from a sd card.
I'd like to play a .mp3 song, to save memory in the sd card.

I tried to use the adf libs (I followed the get-started guide), to use the mp3 decoder.
I thus modified the Makefile, to use

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include $(ADF_PATH)/project.mk
But when I try to compile, it wont be able to find the IDF libs I was using. I tried several configurations, but didn't manage to have both librairies working...
Does anyone know how I should proceed ?

Also, I'm wondering if the fact that I have a WROOM and not a LYRAT would pose a problem ? I only need the mp3 decoder, and I think it's only software, and no hardware, so I imagine it wont...

Thank you for any answer :)

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