How to send broadcast and multicast

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How to send broadcast and multicast

Postby Michelangelo » Wed May 20, 2020 12:42 pm

MDF + IDF 3.3.1

How to send a broadcast message?
When I do at root node:

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mwifi_root_write( MWIFI_ADDR_BROADCAST, 1, data_type.communicate=MWIFI_COMMUNICATE_BROADCAST, data, length, false)
I get a message:
  1. W (41967) [mwifi, 645]: <ESP_ERR_MESH_NO_ROUTE_FOUND> Node failed to send packets, dest_addr: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:fe, flag: 0x14, opt->type: 0x08, opt->len: 13, data->tos: 2, data: 0x3ffbd7b8, size: 11
  2. W (41979) [mwifi, 1228]: <ESP_ERR_MESH_NO_ROUTE_FOUND> Root node failed to send packets, dest_mac: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:fe
Replacing address parameter MWIFI_ADDR_BROADCAST with MWIFI_ADDR_ANY solves warnings, but root also receives its packet (mwifi_root_read).
Warnings solves also MWIFI_ADDR_BROADCAST and data_type=0, but I'm not sure the communication type is broadcast in this case.

The same question about multicast.

Unicast with a list of MACs and data_type = 0 works well.

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