Send raw packet through wifi (directly over frame layer)

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Send raw packet through wifi (directly over frame layer)

Postby JorgeTorres » Tue May 19, 2020 4:24 pm


I'm learning ProfiNET protocol and how a PLC control an IO module ProfiNET.
At this moment I have an ESP32 that communicates with a W5500 (ethernet) through SPI, to control the IO module ProfiNET.
This way I can define all of the message ProfiNET (without layer 3,4,5) and send over layer 2 (OSI model).

I would like to use the ESP32, but it sending the messages to router wifi, where the IO module would be connected (rj45).
The difficulty is that I can't find an example code to send a raw packet (with or without layer 3,4,5) to a wifi router.

It is possible?

Thank you.
Jorge Torres

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