Please clarify the units of i2s_config_t.dma_buf_len

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Please clarify the units of i2s_config_t.dma_buf_len

Postby dave_see » Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:59 pm


In working on an ESP32 audio project, I followed the I2S page example from here: ... the-driver

There's an important struct in setting this up of the type i2s_config_t . One of the fields in that struct is dma_buf_len. There's no mention of the units for that variable. I assumed it was bytes since many other ESP-IDF length variables are in units of bytes.

After debugging, and looking at the ESP-IDF source code, it's clear that that variable is in units of audio 'frames' or samples. I determined this by looking at this line of code: ... i2s.c#L592

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int sample_size = p_i2s_obj[i2s_num]->bytes_per_sample * p_i2s_obj[i2s_num]->channel_num;
And this line of code: ... i2s.c#L609

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dma->buf[bux_idx] = (char*) heap_caps_calloc(1, dma_buf_len * sample_size, MALLOC_CAP_DMA);
It would be great if the I2S documentation clearly shows that dma_buf_len is in units of audio frames or audio samples.

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