ESP32-DevKitS(-R) | S 代表弹簧 (spring),R 代表 WROVER 模组。

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ESP32-DevKitS(-R) | S 代表弹簧 (spring),R 代表 WROVER 模组。

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ESP32-DevKitS(-R) User Guide

This user guide provides information on ESP32-DevKitS(-R), an ESP32-based flashing board produced by Espressif. ESP32-DevKitS(-R) is a combination of two board names: ESP32-DevKitS and ESP32-DevKitS-R. S stands for springs, and R stands for WROVER.

本指南介绍了乐鑫专为 ESP32 设计的烧录底板 ESP32-DevKitS(-R)

ESP32-DevKitS(-R) 包括两款开发板,分别是 ESP32-DevKitS 和 ESP32-DevKitS-R。S 代表弹簧 (spring),R 代表 WROVER 模组。

more downloads see html user guide
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