ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO Datasheet | 技术规格书

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ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO Datasheet | 技术规格书

Postby rudi ;-) » Sun Apr 19, 2020 8:05 am

Hi folks,

The ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO is a module that is based on ESP32-PICO-V3, a System-in-Package (SiP) device. It
provides complete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® functionalities. The module integrates a 4 MB SPI flash.
At the core of this module is the ESP32 chip, which is a single 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip designed
with TSMC’s 40 nm low-power technology. ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO integrates all peripheral components seam-
lessly, including a crystal oscillator, flash, filter capacitors and RF matching links in one single package. Module
assembly and testing are already done at SiP level. As such, ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO reduces the complexity of
supply chain and improves control efficiency.

With its ultra-small size, robust performance and low-energy consumption, ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO is well suited
for any space-limited or battery-operated applications, such as wearable electronics, medical equipment, sensors
and other IoT products.

ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO Datasheet
V1.0 2020.04.16

This document introduces the specifications of ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO hardware, including an overview, pin definitions, functional description, peripherals, electrical characteristics, etc.

ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 是一款基于系统级封装 (SiP) ESP32-PICO-V3 的模组,可提供完整的 Wi-Fi 和蓝牙 ® 功
能。该模组集成 1 个 4 MB 串行外围设备接口 (SPI) flash。

ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 的核心是 ESP32 芯片 *。ESP32 是集成 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 和蓝牙双模的单芯片方案,采用
台积电 (TSMC) 超低功耗的 40 纳米工艺。ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 模组已将晶振、flash、滤波电容、RF 匹配链
路等所有外围器件无缝集成进封装内,不再需要外围元器件即可工作。此时,模组的组装和测试都在 SiP 层面
完成,因此 ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 可以大大降低供应链的复杂程度并提升管控效率。

ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 具备体积紧凑、性能强劲及功耗低等特点,适用于任何空间有限或电池供电的设备,比
如可穿戴设备、医疗设备、传感器及其他 IoT 设备。

ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 技术规格书
V1.0 2020年04月16日

本文档为用户提供 ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 硬件技术规格,包括管脚定义、功能描述、外设接口、电气特性等。

also for History here attached EN and CN Version
ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO Datasheet
V1.0 2020.04.16
(931.47 KiB) Downloaded 217 times

ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO 技术规格书
V1.0 2020年04月16日
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a note:
the esp32-pico-v2-zero ( engineering sample ) was here posted in the past :)

best wishes
rudi ;-)

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