Read This: How to Report a Bug

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Read This: How to Report a Bug

Postby ESP_Sprite » Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:21 am

So, you found something that does not work, and you want to have it fixed. You can always post something in this subforum, but there may be better places to report your bug.

If you have a bug and you know 99-100% sure the issue is in ESP-IDF, the ESP32 Arduino subsystem, ESP-ADF or some other specific subcomponent, you're probably better off posting it as an issue on Github for that component. We have a procedure in place to track these issues and allocate them to developers, so a bugfix isn't left to the whims of whomever decides to look at this forum. So when can you use this forum? Essentially, if you have a bug and aren't sure where it's located; the community on this forum may be able to help you figure out where that pesky bug originates. As with all bug reports, be sure to include as much relevant data as possible in this case: ESP-IDF version, host OS, type of devboard, type of powersupply... all can be important in tracking down that bug.

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