ESP32 real-time audio synthesis platform

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ESP32 real-time audio synthesis platform

Postby rma-31 » Sat May 04, 2019 5:19 am

Hi, we've created an open source real-time audio synthesis hardware platform using the ESP32.

It allows stereo audio IO at 44.1kHz-24bit and DSP processing using the ESP32 FPU of the audio stream. Buffer size is small enough to allow for latencies <1ms, e.g. reacting to a key press event.

We have created an example ESP-IDF-based firmware "CTAG Strämpler" which is a sample streaming application in eurorack synthesizer format with an online connection to, allowing to access sounds online.

The project is also to benchmark the ESP32 and we're amazed what the ESP32 is cabable of.

One core is used for UI/networking, one for the real-time audio thread including FPU operations. The PRU serves to continously sample control voltage throug an external ADC.

We look for more collaborators to push and spread the project. :)

Resources are here:
Github Firmware
Github Hardware
Hackaday ... s-platform
Project group ... is-module/


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Re: ESP32 real-time audio synthesis platform

Postby tonetechnician » Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:35 am

This is insanely cool and incredibly inspiring.

I've been wanting to build some DSP modules for Eurorack, stuff based more around object based audio and Ambisonics. This gives me a lot of hope. The capabilities are endless.

Thank you for sharing this amazing project. I'm surprised not more people are on here raving about it.

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