Same Binary Image from Same Source

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Same Binary Image from Same Source

Postby mjmesp32 » Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:23 pm

Looking for the "recipe" to ensure the same ESP32 binary image is produced from the same source code each time it is built.

I've observed that building the project twice generates two different images and different map files, with the majority of differences appearing to be address changes, example:

0x400808e4 0x4 esp-idf/spi_flash/libspi_flash.a(spi_flash_chip_generic.c.obj)
0x400808c0 0x4 esp-idf/spi_flash/libspi_flash.a(spi_flash_chip_generic.c.obj)

Build Date and Time have been suppressed from the app image, but it has made no improvement.

Thanks for any advice.


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