Error CMake building ULP projects in IDF V4.0 beta 2

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Error CMake building ULP projects in IDF V4.0 beta 2

Postby ginodecock » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:16 pm


Projects that I can build in IDF V4.0 beta 1 I cannot build in IDF V4.0 beta 2.

With several projects I get the following error:

Code: Select all

n/include -IY:/VM/eclipse-workspace/PIR_mailbox/build/config -IY:/VM/Share/GitHub/esp-idf-v4.0-beta2/components/json/cJSON -IY:/VM/eclipse-workspace/PIR_mailbox/build/config -IY:/VM/Share/GitHub/esp-idf-v4.0-beta2/components/libsodium/libsodium/src/libsodium/includ || exit /b
[3/7] Building ASM object CMakeFiles/ulp_main.dir/pulse_cnt.ulp.S.obj
[4/7] Linking ASM executable ulp_main
[5/7] Generating ulp_main.sym
[6/7] Generating ulp_main.bin
[7/7] Generating ulp_main.ld, ulp_main.h
FAILED: ulp_main.ld ulp_main.h
cmd.exe /C "cd /D Y:\VM\eclipse-workspace\PIR_mailbox\build\esp-idf\main\ulp_main && Y:\VM\Share\GitHub\esp-idf-v4.0-beta2\components\ulp\ -s ulp_main.sym -o ulp_main"
Usage: [options]

This application generates .h and .ld files for symbols defined in input file.
The input symbols file can be generated using nm utility like this: esp32-ulp-
nm -g -f posix <elf_file> > <symbols_file>

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SYMFILE, --symfile=SYMFILE
                        symbols file name
  -o OUTFILE, --outputfile=OUTFILE
                        destination .h and .ld files name prefix
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
[819/845] Performing build step for 'bootloader'
[1/62] Generating project_elf_src.c
[2/62] Building C object esp-idf/soc/CMakeFiles/__idf_soc.dir/esp32/soc_memory_layout.c.obj
[3/62] Building C object esp-idf/soc/CMakeFiles/__idf_soc.dir/esp32/rtc_periph.c.obj
[4/62] Building C object esp-idf/soc/CMakeFiles/__idf_soc.dir/esp32/gpio_periph.c.obj
[5/62] Building C object CMakeFiles/bootloader.elf.dir/project_elf_src.c.obj
[6/62] Building C object esp-idf/soc/CMakeFiles/__idf_soc.dir/src/lldesc.c.obj
[7/62] Building C object esp-idf/soc/CMakeFiles/__idf_soc.dir/esp32/rtc_pm.c.obj
Any idea what has changed?

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